Who Is Tres Geek?

Tres Geek is the personal blog of Whitney Steen, a nonprofit administrator and sometime fiction writer based in New York City.  Once upon a time, her story “Law Day” was a finalist for the 2007 Jack Dyer Fiction Prize and was published in the Crab Orchard Review. Once upon a concurrent, but slightly longer, time, she edited the now defunct web journal Pindeldyboz, and blogged about sports for Ladies…, under the handle Games Mistress.

Whitney has had a version of this blog for 10 years — though it has a tendency to go dormant for months at a time.  The original version was hosted by Xanga for far too long — in 2006, she moved over to Journalscape and imported all the archives over manually.  She doesn’t feel like doing that again, so if you feel honor bound to read the musings from her twenties, you may find them here.

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Whitney is an Oklahoma Sooners fan, but she’s actually an alumna so it’s okay. She also loves the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Jets (no she doesn’t know why either), and has decided to give up on the Knicks to pursue her newfound love for Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans. Other interests include dance (especially ballet), yoga, knitting, watching too much HGTV, and beating her boyfriend at Trivial Pursuit and skeeball.


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