They’re So Cute At That Age

I went over to the old blog to post the official moving notice, and flipped through some of my very first posts. This one really brought home how long ago I started blogging (please bear in mind that I was 20 and suffering from new-toy-overeagerness and about a week from graduating from OU before you laugh at my enthusiasm and clumsy writing)

This is Albert Pujols, my new favorite Cardinal (although I love them all, of course). He is only 20 years old, but you woudn’t know it from the way he’s played so far this season. It’s been great to have his offense since Mac’s knee is still so shaky. Pujols and Rick Ankiel are the first Cardinals that seem more like my peers than my father’s

The picture I originally chose has since been lost (I was probably dumb enough to host it on my OU server space), but here’s a Pujols rookie card for comparison:

Now look at us: both turning 31 this year, a decade of “real world” experience under our belts, me working as a university administrator and writing on the side, him playing baseball like no one else in history and angling for a $300 million dollar contract …


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