Ooooh, shiny.

I got a new computer on Friday. It’s a laptop — I keep thinking of it as my very first laptop, but my first ever computer was also a laptop: it just weighed about 10 pounds more, had a 9 inch screen, and a 386 processor.  So I guess this is my “first laptop powerful enough to not require supplementary support from the desktops in the campus computer lab,” but that’s a bit awkward to say every time.

It’s going to take some time getting used to — I’ve had a desktop since moving to New York, and it’s always gone on the computer desk I bought soon after I moved here — a desk which is not configured at all for a laptop.  So once I’m sure I have everything properly archived on my external hard drive (er, the one the Sainted Boyfriend just happened to have lying around, techie boyfriends are awesome) or transferred to the new computer both the old computer and its desk will be off to Freecycle.  It’s both nice to be free of the dark corner where I had to wedge the computer desk in this apartment (I spent the afternoon computing in my bedroom, which gets better sunlight at that time of day), and really awkward getting used to the constraints of a laptop keyboard and trackpad again. As I said to SB, I’m not eighteen anymore, and my back can’t take long stretches of sitting on my bed, hunched over a keyboard.

But I did figure out how to retrieve my saved game files from Aveyond and get them to work properly on my new computer even though Amaranth Games hasn’t updated their tech support for Windows 7.  (Then I took that triumph and beat the cheating water pixies in Thornkeep Well, but that’s another story.)  I think my new toy and I are going to get along just fine.

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